Thoughts for the Day


The roots of this word are Greek meant ‘to stand’ and ‘together’.

Do your actions stand together with your words?

The single most pervasive cause of stress is within your control. Your deeds should match your values.

Why would you want to behave any differently from your core beliefs?

It is a matter of gathering all your energy and passion (see Passion) in a unified direction and focussing on to those goals in a consistent manner.

Inconsistency saps energy.

It is the one thing I have struggled with for most of my life. I am an extrovert personality who thinks out loud and I have to impose strict self discipline to see that my energies are properly directed.

Dual Standards exact a cost, consistent behaviour helps people understand you better.


Yes we all like to be in Control, but be realistic. Control what you can, be the focus of everyone’s attention, but don’t be a control freak.

Think, feel and behave as if you are in control of yourself and other people/events and you will be.

Don’t blame luck, other people or external forces for your lack of control. Live in the moment and enjoy the sense of control this brings.

Dont lose control and drift, take responsibility for your actions and remain calm and controlled.

Whenever possible, remember, too much control stunts personal (and other people’s) development.


Spend as much as you can on quality, either for people who work for you, items of plant and machinery, pens/pencils, whatever. Do not allow standards to drop for the sake of a few pennies.

A quality environment influences:

a) the way you work
b) the way others perceive you and more importantly the standards that you require of them


Forget being an all-rounder, admit some stuff you cannot do and play to your strengths. You will be a better person for it and be thought better of.



‘All language is vague, so there is no such thing as truth or certainty


Show people where you want to go and let them decide how to get there. Don’t over guide and dictate, allow people the freedom to express themselves in ways you cannot imagine and be receptive to different ways of acheiving the same ends

Take a break

Unless you take a break and give your subconscious mind time to mull things over, you will burn your self out. Conversely to keep active, at the very Least do some other task whilst the brain figures out the answer to the original conundrum.

Don’t do nothing or you will rust out.


Happiness 1

This is about doing something you like with people you respect. Develop your talents by constant use and discover new ones to try out with other people and make their lives different and better. If we travel in the right direction and apply our wisdom wisely then Happiness happens.

Happiness 2

This is down to you, it is not about other people make you happy (or sad). It is about how you respond to them.

Happiness 3

What makes you happy will change with time, so embrace change, remain positive about it and happiness will flow.

delegates, supporters and followers

Things to consider

need for independence ( of thought)

readiness to make decisions

tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty

interest and curiosity levels

understanding of goal congruence and direction

skills, knowledge and experience

collaborative and cooperative willingness


Be prepared to give the credit to someone else. It is often easier to get things done if you do not want to directly receive the credit for the success.
This detaches you from the idea itself and then you can be more receptive to critically evaluate ideas from other people.