Thoughts for the Day


Ensure the right direction is clearly communicated.

Ensure the right resources are in place, including the right people.

Ensure that everybody, including you, behaves in a manner consistent with the above.

See Consistency.


Reward your achievements and remind yourself that they symbolise your hard work and commitment. Celebrate, then push on to the next goal.


The shortest meetings (and probably the most productive) are the ones you have standing up; e.g. in the corridor, at the water cooler, in the queue at the canteen.

Always, always go to a meeting with an Agenda – simply don’t turn up and attend. If you are driving the Agenda, stick to it. If you don’t know what is going to be discussed then ask.

If the meeting is going off the Agenda say so. if it continues to go astray then seriously consider walking out.

Be prepared in terms of your own inputs.

Be prepared to be flexible when you are not getting your own way.

Have strict time limits, start on time and finish on time.

First impressions

How happy are you about the way you introduce yourself to someone you have not met?

Don’t forget first impressions count and influence the way that person deals with you in the future.
First mpression are all about making an impact and having a lasting presence.

Polish up those personal traits, have flair and gravitas in equal measure and an attitude which says you are listening and respecting the other person. Above all smile as you enter the room or answer the telephone or send that email, you will be better remembered for it.

Treat each encounter as if it were the first time and go in with the attitude that you want to leave that person in a happier frame of mind for having met you. You are your own ‘brand’, so manage that instant composite image that will influence your future.

Mission Statement

If your Personal or Corporate Mission statement is not something like “Increase the net worth of the entire universe”, then ask yourself why.

If it passes the test of “doing exactly what it says on the tin” then equally this is good.

Somewhere between the two is probably meaningless.


plan and make decisions about resources

organise activities


initiate appropriate feedback mechanisms


It happens to us all. As you get older physical decline is inevitable and managing your heath is important. What is even more important is that you manage your mental health. Stay sharp and focused, constantly educate your mind in new ways. Learn skills, being mentally receptive to change and new experiences reduces anxiety and insecurity.


The roots of this word are Greek meant ‘to stand’ and ‘together’.

Do your actions stand together with your words?

The single most pervasive cause of stress is within your control. Your deeds should match your values.

Why would you want to behave any differently from your core beliefs?

It is a matter of gathering all your energy and passion (see Passion) in a unified direction and focussing on to those goals in a consistent manner.

Inconsistency saps energy.

It is the one thing I have struggled with for most of my life. I am an extrovert personality who thinks out loud and I have to impose strict self discipline to see that my energies are properly directed.

Dual Standards exact a cost, consistent behaviour helps people understand you better.


You can travel far by being still


We all come across this from time to time. Sometimes it is intentional, sometimes we are forced into it. We all have our preferred ways of dealing with it.

The best analysis I have found is the Thomas Kilman analysis. They establish 5 methods of dealing with Conflict as follows competing, getting what you want at all costs.

Collaborating, understanding both sides and reaching a mutually beneficial conclusion.

Compromising, applying a quick fix, but maybe leaving both sides in a lest preferred position.

Avoidance, working round the issue.

Accommodating, giving in for a quiet life.

One, or a mixture of the above, will work dependant on circumstances. Be prepared for conflict and be prepared to adopt or adapt accordingly.