Thoughts for the Day


Use and learn from competition – some of the best brains work for other people. Listen and learn what and why they do.

If you want to remain sharp you need to be in the company of smart individuals who will push you.

Listening 1

Are you a good listener? Here are some examples of what not to do

  • Ordering and Commanding
  • Warning and Threatening
  • Preaching and Moralising
  • Giving Solutions
  • Lecturing
  • Judging
  • Praising
  • Shaming
  • Interpreting
  • Sympathising
  • Questioning
  • Withdrawing
  • Humouring

Some of these you will think are examples of good listening. The important point to remember here is that if you want to be a Good Listener you must suspend your own ego and concentrate on what is being said. Don’t have a presumption that your beliefs and hence your replies are the only ‘true path to Enlightenment’.

A positive empathic approach is required as well as an open mind, remember, not everyone thinks like you!!


How you deal with money can influence the rest of your life.

Do you recognise these attitudes towards money?

    • Plan and save
    • Saving is impractical, buy it now
    • Spend elegantly and tastefully
    • Spend money after research on what to buy
    • Record what has been spent
    • Money doesn’t matter
    • Use money to care for others

You will have a natural approach to money, knowing your preferred approach will help you identify those weak areas and core motives. If you a natural spender, don’t be surprised you are continually overdrawn. Manage your attitude to money just as much as you manage the money.


Love what you are doing and apply your talents to love the process of doing. The more you enjoy the process, the easier the goals become. If you don’t enjoy the process and the Now, make a change and enjoy something else.

Take a break

Unless you take a break and give your subconscious mind time to mull things over, you will burn your self out. Conversely to keep active, at the very Least do some other task whilst the brain figures out the answer to the original conundrum.

Don’t do nothing or you will rust out.

Decision making

How do you decide?

Are you impulsive and make decisions based on intuitive thinking and reside at the emotional end of the spectrum, or are you hesitant, like to explore all possible angles and get everyone’s opinions and then try the decision out on a sample or trial basis?

Both types of decision making are fine. However, take both to their extremes and the first type behaviour may lead to inconsistent thinking as your emotions get the better of you. The latter may just lead to procrastination and indecision.

One thing is for sure, we live in a changing world. The middle ground on this is that; on the one hand there is no time to procrastinate; on the other hand, emotions do get the better of us.

The solution to decision making is to make them based on a clear understanding of what you are trying to acheive in the limited time available – make that decision and review it.

If it turns out to be a bad decision, make another decision and rectify the outcome.

The mindset on all this is that they are your decisions and you live with the consequences. Constant review and feedback from others are key to understanding the quality of the decision.


the process of getting things done via the agency of a community

Sir Charles Renold -1949


The roots of this word are Greek meant ‘to stand’ and ‘together’.

Do your actions stand together with your words?

The single most pervasive cause of stress is within your control. Your deeds should match your values.

Why would you want to behave any differently from your core beliefs?

It is a matter of gathering all your energy and passion (see Passion) in a unified direction and focussing on to those goals in a consistent manner.

Inconsistency saps energy.

It is the one thing I have struggled with for most of my life. I am an extrovert personality who thinks out loud and I have to impose strict self discipline to see that my energies are properly directed.

Dual Standards exact a cost, consistent behaviour helps people understand you better.


Have an attitude that promotes action. Plan, control and continually review your actions. Don’t wait for success, drive towards it. Even a bad plan is better than no plan as it will get you moving towards a better plan. Planned action and preparation is the key to success.


Mmmm… Eastern or Western Philosophy?

Enjoy the moment. Or, if you don’t enjoy the moment, find a moment that you do enjoy.