Thoughts for the Day


Never curb the enthusiasm of others. Always take their ideas and adapt or adopt accordingly.

Remember that good ideas and enthusiam are infectious. Learn to soak up and reflect on other peoples energy levels.

This will rub off on you.


Have a go at this, it will teach you to live more frugally, and although it is seen as a physical exercise, which is not a bad thing, it also teaches you ethical and spiritual values.

You will hear the word ‘mindfulness’ in the classes and this will teach you to appreciate the here and now.


Get passionate, do everything to the max, otherwise you will kick yourself if you fail because you didn’t give it 100%.

Live each day as your last because one day it will be.

Work beyond the call of duty, get other people excited about your projects and set goals with your heart, not just your intellect.


How often do you hear the word “problem” in your life?
Do you have a “problem”?
What is your “problem”?   etc, etc…

This is a big word and has become very negative, when confronted with a “problem” does this mean we can’t handle it and say it is a “problem” because it is unsurmountable, or are we saying that I know this is a big “issue” but I think I can solve it with your help if you care to listen.

Sooooooo, you have in fact got a solution, which means you want someone to agree to a course of action. Or… you want someone to talk you through this “problem” so that you can come up with a solution yourself.

This is not a problem, this is a dilemma. You know the solution, you just don’t know the best alternative. Why not describe the “problem” as a “dilemma”? At least you have moved away from the insurmountable and have now examined the choices available – you just need time to work them out


A regulator is that person who is able to tell you what you don’t want to hear. Having a regulator around is a reality check and a balanced look at the way you are behaving.

Recognise someone in your life who can fulfil this role and keep you on the straight and narrow.


A surfeit of greed will lead to excessive risk taking with the inevitable correction being proportionately painful. The higher you go without weighing up how greedy you have become will mean the inevitable drop will be disastrous because you haven’t risk managed your parachute.


The greatest obstacle for your future success is your present success.

Listening 2

I hope you read Listening 1 which are bad examples of listening

Here are some good examples of listening:

  • Actually hearing what is being said.
  • Understanding why they are saying it.
  • Wanting to help the person solve the dilemma (see my ‘Problems’ thought).
  • Accepting that the other person has strong feelings about their point of view.
  • Letting the other person finish what they are saying.
  • Reflecting.
  • Acknowledging that there may be middle ground between to polar opposites.

Basically, understand what the other person is saying. Listen not only with your ears but examine the content/context and body language of what is being communicated.

Decision making

How do you decide?

Are you impulsive and make decisions based on intuitive thinking and reside at the emotional end of the spectrum, or are you hesitant, like to explore all possible angles and get everyone’s opinions and then try the decision out on a sample or trial basis?

Both types of decision making are fine. However, take both to their extremes and the first type behaviour may lead to inconsistent thinking as your emotions get the better of you. The latter may just lead to procrastination and indecision.

One thing is for sure, we live in a changing world. The middle ground on this is that; on the one hand there is no time to procrastinate; on the other hand, emotions do get the better of us.

The solution to decision making is to make them based on a clear understanding of what you are trying to acheive in the limited time available – make that decision and review it.

If it turns out to be a bad decision, make another decision and rectify the outcome.

The mindset on all this is that they are your decisions and you live with the consequences. Constant review and feedback from others are key to understanding the quality of the decision.


Learn to control your inner thoughts and reflect on why you are anxious.

Anxiety is contagious and therefore be on your guard you do not catch this from other people, or indeed transmit this yourself. An anxious mind cannot make good choices.