Thoughts for the Day

Leadership 3

My definition is that this means helping people to realize their full potential by giving them advice from my own experiences.

Successful leaders are motivated by their desire to help and support others.

Moving on

Know when to finish and take a bow. Leave a situation on your terms and make sure your exit is viewed as the end of an era, not the end of an error. Don’t overstay your welcome or repeat yourself.


Time 1

When we are short of time it means we cannot get our allotted tasks done in the time available. Therefore time management is about task management.

Learning to manage your ‘to do’ list is the key.

Everyone only has 24 hours in the day, so manage the amount of work you have to get through, allow yourself reasonable timescales to acheive your objectives, and then allow some slack for overruns.

Prioritising your tasks makes the time much more manageable.

Time 2

When you meet someone new, there is no past and the future has not yet happened, so make the present a good place.

Time 3

There is a language style that goes with time, depending on your perspective of time and whether you are past reflective, present orientated, or future thinking.

Bear this in mind when you speak to other people who will not have the same time perspective.

Time 4

Time is the greatest gift you have and a natural resource. Stay in the present, don’t dwell on the past or overplan the future. The present is here and now. The greatest gift you can give other people is your time and enjoying the present with them.



Yes we all like to be in Control, but be realistic. Control what you can, be the focus of everyone’s attention, but don’t be a control freak.

Think, feel and behave as if you are in control of yourself and other people/events and you will be.

Don’t blame luck, other people or external forces for your lack of control. Live in the moment and enjoy the sense of control this brings.

Dont lose control and drift, take responsibility for your actions and remain calm and controlled.

Whenever possible, remember, too much control stunts personal (and other people’s) development.


Spend as much as you can on quality, either for people who work for you, items of plant and machinery, pens/pencils, whatever. Do not allow standards to drop for the sake of a few pennies.

A quality environment influences:

a) the way you work
b) the way others perceive you and more importantly the standards that you require of them

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human relations




emotional stability






-Fortune magazine 1958



A regulator is that person who is able to tell you what you don’t want to hear. Having a regulator around is a reality check and a balanced look at the way you are behaving.

Recognise someone in your life who can fulfil this role and keep you on the straight and narrow.


To understand yourself attempt to find others who are wiser. Ask questions to aid your understanding. These questions can be as simple or as complicated ad you like. The outcome of all this is that the questioner is perhaps the wisest of us all. Aristotle said “All men desire knowledge”. The use of reason and wisdom is the trait that distinguishes us from less wise beings.


Multitasking is now mandatory. Prioritising your tasks will help you remain focussed on what is important.

Constantly consult your priority list and re-prioritise as necessary.

Cross off those items that don’t matter and tend to the most important whether you like them or not.

A lot of this is about time management. We all have the same number of hours in a day. It is a question of what task is most important in the allotted time we have available. Staying in bed is not an option!


Manage the present but not at the expense of the future.