Thoughts for the Day


It happens to us all. As you get older physical decline is inevitable and managing your heath is important. What is even more important is that you manage your mental health. Stay sharp and focused, constantly educate your mind in new ways. Learn skills, being mentally receptive to change and new experiences reduces anxiety and insecurity.


For Chaos read ‘Unplanned Change’. Chaos will appear out of nowhere and without a structure and being able to work in many dimensions to achieve sense out of chaos is essential for sanity.

Complex chaotic situations do not necessarily mean complex solutions. Stick to your simple principles and values, apply them with equal measure and chaos will be managed – at least until the next chaotic situation comes along.

Be prepared!

If you cannot predict, prepare..


A surfeit of greed will lead to excessive risk taking with the inevitable correction being proportionately painful. The higher you go without weighing up how greedy you have become will mean the inevitable drop will be disastrous because you haven’t risk managed your parachute.


Five stages of Grief

Although originally written by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross to describe bereavement, this cycle is applicable to emotional reactions in change or trauma situations

  1. Denial – The refusal of the facts or the reality of the situation
  2. Anger – Either with yourself or with others close to you
  3. Bargaining – Trying to seek a compromise
  4. Depression – Sadness, fear and uncertainty as change is accepted
  5. Acceptance – Emotional detachment and objectivity comes in to being

Mission Statement

If your Personal or Corporate Mission statement is not something like “Increase the net worth of the entire universe”, then ask yourself why.

If it passes the test of “doing exactly what it says on the tin” then equally this is good.

Somewhere between the two is probably meaningless.


To understand yourself attempt to find others who are wiser. Ask questions to aid your understanding. These questions can be as simple or as complicated ad you like. The outcome of all this is that the questioner is perhaps the wisest of us all. Aristotle said “All men desire knowledge”. The use of reason and wisdom is the trait that distinguishes us from less wise beings.


It is hard enough staying on the ladder of success, climbing it is even harder.

Get as much feedback as you can about your performance and make changes as appropriate. Useful insights into your own performance will give you the ability to move to the next rung.

Will to win

Develop a thick skin – after setbacks it takes considerable self discipline to get back in the ring.

Learn to be resilient and fundamentally stick with your principles.

If you believe you are right, you will keep that will to win.


Mmmm… Eastern or Western Philosophy?

Enjoy the moment. Or, if you don’t enjoy the moment, find a moment that you do enjoy.


Look for the apposite, not the opposite