Thoughts for the Day


Use and learn from competition – some of the best brains work for other people. Listen and learn what and why they do.

If you want to remain sharp you need to be in the company of smart individuals who will push you.


Never stop learning, it prevents you from making mistakes.

If you are arrogant enough to think you know eveything then you probably don’t.

If you are complacent enough to not learn anymore you might as well roll over and die.


Doing something for others first is more likely to generate returns, but don’t expect instantaneous feedback. Rewards have a distinct habit of being delayed and the more you expect them, the more disappointed you will become if they don’t appear as you expected.

Equally when presenting a new idea, explain what is in it for other people, not just yourself.


Remove complacency from your life.

After discussions or meetings demonstrate Urgency, say to everyone as a result of this meeting my behavior will change in the next week and I will achieve this result. What are you going to do to help me and yourself?


The greatest obstacle for your future success is your present success.


Learn to control your inner thoughts and reflect on why you are anxious.

Anxiety is contagious and therefore be on your guard you do not catch this from other people, or indeed transmit this yourself. An anxious mind cannot make good choices.


Not a great fan of this one, but it works well in some instances. When you are setting goals, take a mental picture of you standing on the winners podium. Imagine you are banking that cheque from that hard won contract, see yourself holing that 20ft putt. You can create a vision that means something and it will happen.

The converse of this is that you may not be a visual person, preferring the written word or the sound of success. In which case, switch from a visual medium to your preferred style, the effects are the same.

Consider this, too much visualisation can lead to inaction.


Get yourself a mentor – someone who can offer you wise advice when decision making does not become easy.

The less formal the arrangement the better. What matters is that each side gets something out of it and problems become dilemmas that get discussed and resolved in consultation with someone who wishes you no harm.

Moving on

Know when to finish and take a bow. Leave a situation on your terms and make sure your exit is viewed as the end of an era, not the end of an error. Don’t overstay your welcome or repeat yourself.

Decision making

How do you decide?

Are you impulsive and make decisions based on intuitive thinking and reside at the emotional end of the spectrum, or are you hesitant, like to explore all possible angles and get everyone’s opinions and then try the decision out on a sample or trial basis?

Both types of decision making are fine. However, take both to their extremes and the first type behaviour may lead to inconsistent thinking as your emotions get the better of you. The latter may just lead to procrastination and indecision.

One thing is for sure, we live in a changing world. The middle ground on this is that; on the one hand there is no time to procrastinate; on the other hand, emotions do get the better of us.

The solution to decision making is to make them based on a clear understanding of what you are trying to acheive in the limited time available – make that decision and review it.

If it turns out to be a bad decision, make another decision and rectify the outcome.

The mindset on all this is that they are your decisions and you live with the consequences. Constant review and feedback from others are key to understanding the quality of the decision.