Thoughts for the Day



‘All language is vague, so there is no such thing as truth or certainty


Having an open mind is useful, using it well is better. The ability to think in a perceptive manner and use our minds and experiences for the good of others is what sets us apart from other animals. The ability to think and change your mind and continually express your curiosity drives your energy levels and exposes yourself to new experiences, causing you to think again.


Use and learn from competition – some of the best brains work for other people. Listen and learn what and why they do.

If you want to remain sharp you need to be in the company of smart individuals who will push you.

Change 2

One type of change does not fit all situations.

Change can either be massive, traumatic, radical and instantaneous.


Change can be little and often

The trick is to know which works best in the particular circumstances.


Forget being an all-rounder, admit some stuff you cannot do and play to your strengths. You will be a better person for it and be thought better of.


Some people hate to plan for fear of failure.

If you have a plan you know where you are going. A bad plan is better than nothing as it will lead you to a better plan.

If you have a plan, you have a benchmark for your actions. Constant review and feedback will ensure you control events and measure against pre determined factors.

You may even decide to change a good plan into an even better one,

The worst plan is no plan at all, you will just drift.


Good German word which involves developing an awareness of what other people are doing. It resonates with Emotional Intelligence and you should always have a regard for the prevailing ‘world view’ or zeitgeist when making decisions as quite often they are more successful when you consider other people’s views and the prevailing mentality.


Failure is always a possibility, what is more important is that you tried to succeed in the first place.

Eating elephants

This is the old metaphor for tackling a large task and dividing it into smaller pieces.

Let’s go with this metaphor and share the meal with other people. Throw in some unusual spices and generally yet to make the task interesting and interactive.


Look for the apposite, not the opposite