Thoughts for the Day


Overlook faults in others and don’t dwell on them. Look at your own faults and eliminate them.


To understand yourself attempt to find others who are wiser. Ask questions to aid your understanding. These questions can be as simple or as complicated ad you like. The outcome of all this is that the questioner is perhaps the wisest of us all. Aristotle said “All men desire knowledge”. The use of reason and wisdom is the trait that distinguishes us from less wise beings.


To ensure the rest of the world remains with you, stop doing things at the same pace you are starting others. Too many activities at once will confuse people and you will become frustrated. Remember the convoy analogy: you can only go as fast as the slowest (but vital) member of the team.


Get passionate, do everything to the max, otherwise you will kick yourself if you fail because you didn’t give it 100%.

Live each day as your last because one day it will be.

Work beyond the call of duty, get other people excited about your projects and set goals with your heart, not just your intellect.


Have an attitude that promotes action. Plan, control and continually review your actions. Don’t wait for success, drive towards it. Even a bad plan is better than no plan as it will get you moving towards a better plan. Planned action and preparation is the key to success.


Show people where you want to go and let them decide how to get there. Don’t over guide and dictate, allow people the freedom to express themselves in ways you cannot imagine and be receptive to different ways of acheiving the same ends


A surfeit of greed will lead to excessive risk taking with the inevitable correction being proportionately painful. The higher you go without weighing up how greedy you have become will mean the inevitable drop will be disastrous because you haven’t risk managed your parachute.

Take a break

Unless you take a break and give your subconscious mind time to mull things over, you will burn your self out. Conversely to keep active, at the very Least do some other task whilst the brain figures out the answer to the original conundrum.

Don’t do nothing or you will rust out.


Spend as much as you can on quality, either for people who work for you, items of plant and machinery, pens/pencils, whatever. Do not allow standards to drop for the sake of a few pennies.

A quality environment influences:

a) the way you work
b) the way others perceive you and more importantly the standards that you require of them


You can travel far by being still