Thoughts for the Day


Get known. We are highly socialble animals at heart. Meet as many people as you can at any one time and identify those like minded individuals that inspire you and radiate energy.

If you have a limited number of people in your world, your views are going to become inbred.

Increase your intellectual gene pool and meet new ideas and people as often as you can.

That way life will happen to you, not to other people.


Failure is always a possibility, what is more important is that you tried to succeed in the first place.


Whatever you do make the best of your environment. Go for the best (see Quality) and if you need to change it for the better, don’t hesitate. Be at one with the world and a good environment will make whatever you are doing better and more bearable






Never curb the enthusiasm of others. Always take their ideas and adapt or adopt accordingly.

Remember that good ideas and enthusiam are infectious. Learn to soak up and reflect on other peoples energy levels.

This will rub off on you.


It is hard enough staying on the ladder of success, climbing it is even harder.

Get as much feedback as you can about your performance and make changes as appropriate. Useful insights into your own performance will give you the ability to move to the next rung.


You know the difference between right and wrong. The issue therefore is that it is your choice what you do next knowing it is right or wrong.

Ask yourself why you would do something that you know to wrong know that further consequences will probably be painful. Why do what you will regret?


Happiness 1

This is about doing something you like with people you respect. Develop your talents by constant use and discover new ones to try out with other people and make their lives different and better. If we travel in the right direction and apply our wisdom wisely then Happiness happens.

Happiness 2

This is down to you, it is not about other people make you happy (or sad). It is about how you respond to them.

Happiness 3

What makes you happy will change with time, so embrace change, remain positive about it and happiness will flow.


Love what you are doing and apply your talents to love the process of doing. The more you enjoy the process, the easier the goals become. If you don’t enjoy the process and the Now, make a change and enjoy something else.


Mmmm… Eastern or Western Philosophy?

Enjoy the moment. Or, if you don’t enjoy the moment, find a moment that you do enjoy.