Thoughts for the Day


Happiness 1

This is about doing something you like with people you respect. Develop your talents by constant use and discover new ones to try out with other people and make their lives different and better. If we travel in the right direction and apply our wisdom wisely then Happiness happens.

Happiness 2

This is down to you, it is not about other people make you happy (or sad). It is about how you respond to them.

Happiness 3

What makes you happy will change with time, so embrace change, remain positive about it and happiness will flow.


Have a go at this, it will teach you to live more frugally, and although it is seen as a physical exercise, which is not a bad thing, it also teaches you ethical and spiritual values.

You will hear the word ‘mindfulness’ in the classes and this will teach you to appreciate the here and now.


It happens to us all. As you get older physical decline is inevitable and managing your heath is important. What is even more important is that you manage your mental health. Stay sharp and focused, constantly educate your mind in new ways. Learn skills, being mentally receptive to change and new experiences reduces anxiety and insecurity.