Thoughts for the Day

Decision making

How do you decide?

Are you impulsive and make decisions based on intuitive thinking and reside at the emotional end of the spectrum, or are you hesitant, like to explore all possible angles and get everyone’s opinions and then try the decision out on a sample or trial basis?

Both types of decision making are fine. However, take both to their extremes and the first type behaviour may lead to inconsistent thinking as your emotions get the better of you. The latter may just lead to procrastination and indecision.

One thing is for sure, we live in a changing world. The middle ground on this is that; on the one hand there is no time to procrastinate; on the other hand, emotions do get the better of us.

The solution to decision making is to make them based on a clear understanding of what you are trying to acheive in the limited time available – make that decision and review it.

If it turns out to be a bad decision, make another decision and rectify the outcome.

The mindset on all this is that they are your decisions and you live with the consequences. Constant review and feedback from others are key to understanding the quality of the decision.


plan and make decisions about resources

organise activities


initiate appropriate feedback mechanisms

Moving on

Know when to finish and take a bow. Leave a situation on your terms and make sure your exit is viewed as the end of an era, not the end of an error. Don’t overstay your welcome or repeat yourself.


Ensure the right direction is clearly communicated.

Ensure the right resources are in place, including the right people.

Ensure that everybody, including you, behaves in a manner consistent with the above.

See Consistency.


Get used to pressure – you can’t continue to perform unless you challenge yourself. The ability to remain calm under fire is enhanced by continuous exposure to pressure.

Mild exposure can seriously improve your performance.


It is hard enough staying on the ladder of success, climbing it is even harder.

Get as much feedback as you can about your performance and make changes as appropriate. Useful insights into your own performance will give you the ability to move to the next rung.


Toyota developed the 5 why’s and then you will get to the solution to any problem, why stop at 5?

If you have had children you know that they don’t.

To stop this happening to infinity, ask yourself the question before someone else does, because if you can’t figure out why for yourself the task/situation is best left alone.

Take a break

Unless you take a break and give your subconscious mind time to mull things over, you will burn your self out. Conversely to keep active, at the very Least do some other task whilst the brain figures out the answer to the original conundrum.

Don’t do nothing or you will rust out.


don’t just raise the issue, true leaders take ownership of it.

It is no good complaining if you are not prepared to do something about it, otherwise you are just perpetuating a negative state. (in yourself)


It happens to us all. As you get older physical decline is inevitable and managing your heath is important. What is even more important is that you manage your mental health. Stay sharp and focused, constantly educate your mind in new ways. Learn skills, being mentally receptive to change and new experiences reduces anxiety and insecurity.