Thoughts for the Day


It happens to us all. As you get older physical decline is inevitable and managing your heath is important. What is even more important is that you manage your mental health. Stay sharp and focused, constantly educate your mind in new ways. Learn skills, being mentally receptive to change and new experiences reduces anxiety and insecurity.


Not a great fan of this one, but it works well in some instances. When you are setting goals, take a mental picture of you standing on the winners podium. Imagine you are banking that cheque from that hard won contract, see yourself holing that 20ft putt. You can create a vision that means something and it will happen.

The converse of this is that you may not be a visual person, preferring the written word or the sound of success. In which case, switch from a visual medium to your preferred style, the effects are the same.

Consider this, too much visualisation can lead to inaction.

Mission Statement

If your Personal or Corporate Mission statement is not something like “Increase the net worth of the entire universe”, then ask yourself why.

If it passes the test of “doing exactly what it says on the tin” then equally this is good.

Somewhere between the two is probably meaningless.


Having an open mind is useful, using it well is better. The ability to think in a perceptive manner and use our minds and experiences for the good of others is what sets us apart from other animals. The ability to think and change your mind and continually express your curiosity drives your energy levels and exposes yourself to new experiences, causing you to think again.


Spend as much as you can on quality, either for people who work for you, items of plant and machinery, pens/pencils, whatever. Do not allow standards to drop for the sake of a few pennies.

A quality environment influences:

a) the way you work
b) the way others perceive you and more importantly the standards that you require of them


don’t just raise the issue, true leaders take ownership of it.

It is no good complaining if you are not prepared to do something about it, otherwise you are just perpetuating a negative state. (in yourself)


Get yourself a mentor – someone who can offer you wise advice when decision making does not become easy.

The less formal the arrangement the better. What matters is that each side gets something out of it and problems become dilemmas that get discussed and resolved in consultation with someone who wishes you no harm.


Love what you are doing and apply your talents to love the process of doing. The more you enjoy the process, the easier the goals become. If you don’t enjoy the process and the Now, make a change and enjoy something else.


Tricky one this. On the one hand you don’t want to compromise your standards and have unacceptable, imperfect outcomes. On the other hand you are never going to achieve perfection.

We all have to learn to live in an imperfect environment, but we should all strive to achieve as near perfection as we are comfortable with. What this means is that we have to regulate ourselves, promote our own standards and stick with them.


No reputation is built on the basis of a single experience or the result of a solitary factor.

Reputation is a culmination of all the things you are good at done consistently well over an extended period of time. Once you have established what this is and what these things are then protect them and cherish them as valuable assets.