Thoughts for the Day


Forget being an all-rounder, admit some stuff you cannot do and play to your strengths. You will be a better person for it and be thought better of.


How often do you hear the word “problem” in your life?
Do you have a “problem”?
What is your “problem”?   etc, etc…

This is a big word and has become very negative, when confronted with a “problem” does this mean we can’t handle it and say it is a “problem” because it is unsurmountable, or are we saying that I know this is a big “issue” but I think I can solve it with your help if you care to listen.

Sooooooo, you have in fact got a solution, which means you want someone to agree to a course of action. Or… you want someone to talk you through this “problem” so that you can come up with a solution yourself.

This is not a problem, this is a dilemma. You know the solution, you just don’t know the best alternative. Why not describe the “problem” as a “dilemma”? At least you have moved away from the insurmountable and have now examined the choices available – you just need time to work them out


Increasing your knowledge base will ensure you have the necessary skills for most occasions.

Lack of knowledge is ignorance and displaying ignorance is rude.

Half a Glass

This is the old conundrum, is your glass half empty or half full? which is supposed to elicit whether you are  an optimist or pessimist.

The trouble with this question is that it is constrained by the fact that there is a container and by definition a boundary to your thinking.

What about a world in which there is no glass and so there are no limits to  optimism or pessimism? Mere physical boundaries should not exist when it comes down to personal characteristics as the world is what you make it.

A lot of Eastern Philosophy is going on in that last paragraph which makes the whole issue of what governs are thinking open to debate.

Many suceesful (and Western) business leaders have developed the ‘can do/think outside the box/paint the sky blue’ thinking which has it roots in this philosophy.

One thing is certain, if you believe there to be a boundary to your thinking there will be.


Have a go at this, it will teach you to live more frugally, and although it is seen as a physical exercise, which is not a bad thing, it also teaches you ethical and spiritual values.

You will hear the word ‘mindfulness’ in the classes and this will teach you to appreciate the here and now.


Pass on whatever you have learnt to others, at least that will stop them making the same mistake!

The best people I know realise they cannot operate by simply issuing instructions and that no one can possibly know everything that is needed to be known to get the job done.

Highly effective people are those who are prepared to teach.

You may feel that reliance on others whom you have taught actually diminishes your stature. The reverse is more true.


No reputation is built on the basis of a single experience or the result of a solitary factor.

Reputation is a culmination of all the things you are good at done consistently well over an extended period of time. Once you have established what this is and what these things are then protect them and cherish them as valuable assets.


Time 1

When we are short of time it means we cannot get our allotted tasks done in the time available. Therefore time management is about task management.

Learning to manage your ‘to do’ list is the key.

Everyone only has 24 hours in the day, so manage the amount of work you have to get through, allow yourself reasonable timescales to acheive your objectives, and then allow some slack for overruns.

Prioritising your tasks makes the time much more manageable.

Time 2

When you meet someone new, there is no past and the future has not yet happened, so make the present a good place.

Time 3

There is a language style that goes with time, depending on your perspective of time and whether you are past reflective, present orientated, or future thinking.

Bear this in mind when you speak to other people who will not have the same time perspective.

Time 4

Time is the greatest gift you have and a natural resource. Stay in the present, don’t dwell on the past or overplan the future. The present is here and now. The greatest gift you can give other people is your time and enjoying the present with them.



Get used to pressure – you can’t continue to perform unless you challenge yourself. The ability to remain calm under fire is enhanced by continuous exposure to pressure.

Mild exposure can seriously improve your performance.


Ensure the right direction is clearly communicated.

Ensure the right resources are in place, including the right people.

Ensure that everybody, including you, behaves in a manner consistent with the above.

See Consistency.