logo_aonGraham Powell BSc, FCII
Aon Insurance Managers (Guernsey) Ltd

I have known [Len Jones] in a business and personal capacity for 7 years during which time he has conducted himself in a professional and courteous way.

He has always approached his business dealings in a constructive manner and has been instrumental in maintaining improvements both in his own managerial capabilities and those of his colleagues. It is no surprise that he seeks to enhance his skill base and I can understand his willingness to learn.

On a personal note I am sure his charm, warmth and outgoing personality will be a useful attribute in this new experience he seeks. I wish him every success.

Darcy Products

Darcy Spillcare ManufactureShirley Miles
Head of Environmental Services, Darcy Products Ltd |
Director, UKSpill

I have known Mr Leonard Jones for 6 years in the capacities of a fellow director for 3 years and as a consultant for 3 years. In that time, I have always found him to be honest, committed, personable and professional. He is innovative, able to offer fresh incisive views and his strong financial background has always enabled him to bring extensive financial and commercial experience to different situations and contexts.

He is able to provide a good strategic outlook, managing change when necessary
without losing sight of shorter term responsibilities.

The above together with good communication skills and reliability make him a valuable member of a board of directors and I would not hesitate to recommend him for such a role.

Testimonials and feedback

Here is a comment concerning a business issue with one of our key suppliers:

“At a personal level, I would like to thank you for the professional and pragmatic way you have approached this issue and feel that both our respective teams have demonstrated a spirit of cooperation in circumstances which were not of either (our) making.”

MBA course at Cranfield

Comments from my fellow students on the MBA course at Cranfield:

‘I enjoyed working with you. You were generous with sharing your knowledge about accounts, and your lively manner was useful for motivating the team. Your direct and open feedback was much appreciated.’

‘thank you also for acting as a sounding board/wise counsel when we hit some of those tricky times.’

Here is what they wrote about me as part of the course material:

‘Len Jones was the only Activist learner and a J-type. He could be assertive, wanting to keep on task and achieve definition. He was an outgoing, energetic extrovert but could be impetuous. His career anchor bias to SV and MBTI type suggest concern for others. This was supported by observation: Len was a ‘gentleman’ who wanted to help, was inclusive and used persuasion rather than trying to dominate. He could mediate but understood that conflict was inevitable and was willing to make firm criticisms when necessary.’

Here is a comment about my learning style:

“I always knew you would extract maximum value from everything that you do – thanks for your feedback and for your enthusiasm!”