Rhetoric , Role and Results (Alliteration)

Story- telling, mythologizing and rhetoric should be part of an accountant’s tool kit and such can transform a good accountant into a great communicator Since Ancient Greece we have marvelled at the oratory of great speakers and their ability to present coherent points of view supported by their delivery, command of language and expression. Fast… Read more »


Usually this is the domain of the Finance team on the basis that they know how to run a spreadsheet and put in ‘what if’ scenarios.   However the SME needs to be financially intelligent and literate to be able to understand the consequences of these forecasts and the likelyhood of getting the future wrong. By… Read more »

Management Information systems

Management Information systems, are these the three most important criteria? Agility/Versatility ‘Traditional’ management Accounts would normally be Profit and Loss/Balance Sheets/Cash Flow statements and KPIs, however, Boards are now zooming in on individual components and so therefore more detail and supporting analysis is required in Reporting information on a periodic basis. There will be some… Read more »

Interpreting Accounting data

Introduction We react to the world using our own experiences and judgement gained for our time on the planet, our survival instincts continually influence our decision making.  All situations are interpreted, they are not mere physical stimuli, they are manifestations of our own consciousness, We therefore have subjective views of reality and truth, examination of… Read more »