Trust and the Leader

I think the important point for leaders is to understand that organisational Trust and behaviours have their roots in Social Contract theory, or indeed something much baser dating from Aristotle’s time that people move away from pain and try and attain pleasure. Stakeholders therefore want to avoid losses, eliminate risk and move towards sustainable businesses… Read more »

Brand Accounting

Introduction At any level of business, the ‘Brand’ is important, not so much as a logo or trademark, but at an SME level it is more about having a certain standard of product or service that won’t bring the supplier into disrepute. services and product come with expectations.. Therefore , whilst we all cannot attempt… Read more »

The SME Survival Handbook

This is written by me based on my 30 years experience in the SME sector, I have used the metaphor of a jungle to set the introductory feel for these series of essays, not because the SME landscape is necessarily threatening , but it is certainly challenging and requires good survival and orienteering skills to… Read more »

Choosing Auditors

Lets imagine you are the fictional alien who has viewed this planet from afar and has decided it wants to run a multi national conglomerate. Let’s further assume this alien has a detailed and intimate knowledge of Accountancy and Audit regulations and has acquired it ‘Matrix like’ and been downloaded straight into the equivalent of… Read more »

How long should it take to produce monthly accounts?

1 Monthly accounts SME’s tend to want flash figures fairly quickly, so there is a need for CFOs to guess some estimates regarding accruals etc, whilst most firms are fairly efficient with monthly cut off on Sales and Cash, the delay in preparation usually comes from the Purchase ledger and how long people keep this… Read more »


Sooner or later the successful SME takes on a culture and definable identity and a ‘way of doing things’ that becomes part of it’s unique capabilities. If we suspend for the moment that a typical SME has been around for a while, it is interesting to see how this unique culture evolves or certainly revolves… Read more »

Is the Accounts Department Dead?

Traditionally Accounts Departments have tended to be stand alone departments and a bit of a mystery to the rest of the Organisation, data goes in and magically a set of numbers which are hotly disputed are churned out every month. Cheques are held up. Suppliers don’t get paid and Customers get upset because someone had… Read more »

Raising Capital in the small business

Accountants will always recite the Mantra that the cheapest form of finance is internally generated, however this article goes on to suggest that there are many aspects to simple fund raising. It is a function of three things • the fundamental uncertainty in trying to predict your business model • to what extent the business… Read more »

The SME IT Roadmap

Introduction Technology is seen as a key driver of knowledge Management and business processes. Most SMEs understand they will have to embrace IT, they probably do this as soon as an idea is hatched and the spreadsheets come out to prepare rudimentary business plans, throw in a word document and the odd Powerpoint presentation and… Read more »