Negotiation, or getting what you want The negotiation methods that are applicable at the SME level can be summarised in two ways.  Either, it is a negotiation between an SME and a larger Customer/Supplier or it is a negotiation between equals. Very rarely does the SME come across situations where it’s negotiating ‘power’ lie in… Read more »

Managing the credit squeeze

Money Cash flow should be the first thing you think about every morning Monitor your overdraft and loan/credit card arrangements, consider how they can be managed better Extend repayment periods/consolidate/manage interest rates/cost of capital Push your supply base hard and work your credit lines Be prepared to offload dormant assets to generate cash, irrespective of… Read more »

Income and Capital

Sustainability, preserving Capital and knowing when to recognise income Introduction There are several explanations as to the relationship between income and capital. These explanations underpin our attitude towards consumerism and the erosion or appreciation of the Capital Bank , or Asset that is generating the income. ‘Income’ in its broadest sense is a psychological process… Read more »

Losing the Plot

The CEO is critical to success, he is providing the drive, energy and enthusiasm , leading his people with a well defined strategy and managing the resources of the business.  In a large organization he will have the support structure of the Board and its’ various sub committees. The overriding accountability to shareholders and pressure… Read more »

Maintaining Corporate Values – a Historical perspective

There have always been hierarchical structures in society and organisations, from the very basic hunter gatherer tribes through to large global conglomerations. Early Roman generals understood the requirements for strict control and communication lines and division of authority. To move legions over continents without the aid of telephones or emails required a rigid command structure… Read more »

Managing a Recession

Time changes many things, 18 months ago we were in a booming economy , inflation was under control and times were good, now they are not so good and times have changed. People must also change, spending habits , for example are being reduced as people come to terms with lack of credit. This also… Read more »