Acquiring new businesses

Mergers and acquisitions At some part in the life cycle the SME is going to forego it’s traditional organic, more of the same , approach and branch out into acquired growth.  This mindset is no different in the SME environment as it boils down to best fit, and in some ways mirror the values in… Read more »


Values Some Philosophers think that values are nothing more than what you believe, when you value something, you believe it is worth something, aesthetically or monetarily. Values are deeper than this, values influence the way you think, feel, behave and believe, they are a deep rooted part of what is you. They can equally apply… Read more »

Sustainability & Reporting

Introduction The current concerns about climate change, over population and general re focus in recessionary times on short termism has brought ( yet again) the question of sustainability and how to act. There is an awareness issue, businesses and the broader business world has to understand the fact that there are limited resources and that… Read more »

Improvisation in Strategic Decision making

Strategy flows from instinct, instinct is developed over time based on raw experiences and is a function of rules, rehearsal , training and values. Is it improvised? is Policy truly made ‘on the hoof’ , or is there some framework deep within the Leader or change participant that is providing some protective mechanism that regulates… Read more »

A secular approach to lending

A Secular approach to Finance Issues of Faith in these times tend to get dismissed as awkward moments and are something to be avoided. This conflict of Spirituality can lead to misunderstandings when the person concerned has a different ‘moral compass’ which sets out the course to be steered when faced with differing values and… Read more »

The Shareholder Investment

Let’s start this article with a disclaimer, this is not about investment criteria per se, it is not about how shareholders and their money are applied for gain. What this article is about is how the needs of the shareholders are aligned with Corporate Goals and the similarities and dissimilarities between the two. Background The… Read more »

Flogging a Dead Horse…. Or having Failure as an option..

In SME land this decision is probably the most difficult for a CEO or Board to make, aside from the obvious loss of income there is an emotional attachment that is more prevalent in this sector than in larger corporations. CEOs especially can get too attached to the Business to make rational decisions. The CEO… Read more »


The king is dead, long live the king!! The hereditary principle behind this saying is a thing of the past, or is it? Succession planning in business is a pre requisite to sustainability and ensuring that the business continues on the path of it’s founder, or if it changes direction , build on the success… Read more »


This can be as mathematical and detailed as you like, the bottom line is that it is all about the way you manage the future One of the best definitions of risk is the Probability of disruption multiplied by the impact of the event on you (or your business) Statisticians will tell you all about… Read more »

Regulated Capitalism – a values based perspective

We are what we think All that we are arises with our thoughts With our thoughts we make the world Speak or act with a pure mind And Happiness will follow you As your shadow, unshakeable The Dhammapada, translated by Thomas Byron Introduction We are continually being told to plan rationally and manage our finances…. Read more »