Thought(ful) Accounting

The basic premise is that there is more to numerical data than meets the eye, to paraphrase an old song ‘it’s not what you report it is the way you report it’Quite often data gets misinterpreted quite unintentionally because the manner in which it is transmitted and the way in which it is received/perceived are… Read more »

Olympic accounting

Here is a bit of metaphorical whimsy based on a topical subject, the conclusion is that to encourage the people in the bsuiness to follow the olympic ideal and perform at their best (most of the time) then the reporting infrastucture and environment needs to be of such a Olympic quality that perfroming comes easy… Read more »

Mendicant Accounting

This is a piece about how a lending proposition can be improved by understanding the lenders postion. The FD is after someone else’s cash, so putting the proposal in the best possible light is key and making the investor comfortable that he understands what is being requested and that you are the custodian of a… Read more »

Metaphor Accounting

I had a bit of fun about personality types and behaviour of FDs under pressure, especially in the current economic climate, Fd’s react differently under stress and knowing your default position will help you modify your behaviour so that your message does not become confused and unprincipled. This is important so that your leadership qualities… Read more »

T Accounting

Older accountants will, recognise this phrase as a way of assisting the completion of accounts. Every debit must have an equal and opposite entry ( credit) to acheive a ‘balanced’ set of accounts.The term has moved because of changefirstly, computer systems have largely removed manual book keeping and ledger accountingsecondly we have seen the advent… Read more »

Wiki Accounting

The ‘Wik’i is becoming accepted as a normal way to rationalise and further explain information and events.How can the accountant capitalise on this approach to content managing an accounts information system. More companies want more information behind the numbers , so a ‘Wiki’ approach to an information system might be the answerread my free download… Read more »

Mission Accounting

How is it posssible to set measurable outcomes and set specific targets when Mission statements are so obtuse, what exactly is a Mission statement trying to acheive , is it a platitude or does it mean something?, read my free

Time(ly) Accounting

In the present economy, CEOs are becoming more anxious about organisational performance and the demands placed on the CFO to provide figures and analyses which are accurate and timely. traditional monthly figures need to be produced on time and should be reliable, yet CEOs are demanding Flash information. Just how long should the CEO wait…… Read more »

Big Accounting

In keeping with the Governments ‘Big Society’, and its all inlcusive approach I have set out my thoughts that Accountants have a Big Role to play in this. We are the providers of information and should be Big enough to be open and honest with our stakeholders.We should not hide behind the veil of corportate… Read more »

Customer Accounting

I thought I would add to my further comments about supply chain accounting ( see earlier blog) and actually concentrate on the Customer and demand side. The issue really is that although the customer may be right, they might not be the right customer for you. see the free