Customer Accounting

I thought I would add to my further comments about supply chain accounting ( see earlier blog) and actually concentrate on the Customer and demand side. The issue really is that although the customer may be right, they might not be the right customer for you. see the free

Outsourced Accounting

In times of uncertainty there is a need to review business processes and accounting functions. To achieve economies of scale the FD may well consider outsourcing some of the routine accounts functions to free up resources to focus on more business critical areas, in the free download below I have considered some issues which may… Read more »

Selling a Business

here is some standard stuff as a free download which might help you realise your dream and sell your business to a willing buyer at a good price, pretty much common sense really, but worth remembering as a checklist. My own personal experience on this is that the Buyer has to understand what he is… Read more »

Austerity 2

I wrote a bit about this earlier in a blog and am now coming to terms with a more empathic view on this this given that the Government wants to create a ‘Big Society’ and reduce the role/financial burden of the state as it seeks to address the deficit.In a sense this is a footnote… Read more »

Human Resource Accounting

If Employees are our most valuable resource, why aren’t they recorded as an asset on balance sheets? I think it because we are trying to measure something too subjective, and what we are doing is actually trying to measure happiness. I do not think though that firms that ignore the human equation in their decsion… Read more »


In the light of the recent budget and the general belt tightening that looks imminent, I wrote this piece that has a slant on how Accountants should approach this new landscape.

Supply Chain Accounting

I recently came across an Article on whether it was appropriate to concentrate on Gross Margin specifically on a customer basis rather than a product basis and that got me thinking, do we really know how much Customers have cost us?for further thoughts

150 part 2

I came across this article also which I found interesting, it again tells the story of Dunbar’s number in a bit more detail ( and much better) than I did.

Talent Management

As I work in an SME environment, I am continually faced with market pressures on wage rates to attract, retain, motivate and reward talent. This is not easy when you are up against the big boys, but working for an SME does have advantages in terms of career management. See: Employment Policies


Is it true that a large chunk of strategic thinking is generated by the CEO and CFO and is based on their instinctive reaction to perceived Chaos (aka Change)?When such reaction become kneejerk, misdirection occurs and the planned re direction becomes chaotic. Constant change (aka Chaos) is an energetic environment within business and managing the… Read more »