150 part 2

I came across this article also which I found interesting, it again tells the story of Dunbar’s number in a bit more detail ( and much better) than I did.

Talent Management

As I work in an SME environment, I am continually faced with market pressures on wage rates to attract, retain, motivate and reward talent. This is not easy when you are up against the big boys, but working for an SME does have advantages in terms of career management. See: Employment Policies


Is it true that a large chunk of strategic thinking is generated by the CEO and CFO and is based on their instinctive reaction to perceived Chaos (aka Change)?When such reaction become kneejerk, misdirection occurs and the planned re direction becomes chaotic. Constant change (aka Chaos) is an energetic environment within business and managing the… Read more »

Getting Rid of the CEO

The CFO and the CEO have to work closely, but what happens when the CEO has to be told he no longer has the confidence of the Board or indeed his performance is so below expectations that departure is inevitable, here is my take on this particular problem see: Losing the Plot

How do we do it?

Most of us Professional accountants have been trained to a good standard, however they way we undertake our every day work is different, some of it is based on personality. It is not that some peronalities are much better suited to number crunching than others, it is just that we approach our work in different… Read more »


I read an article the other day that says you can only realistically keep linked or connected to 150 people , as this was the optimum size of tribe and this number of people can be managed within the confines of our own brain quite easily, anything more becomes unwieldy, so why is this? for… Read more »

Sustainable Happiness

There is a lot written about sustainability, the term has been hi jacked by several writers to cover different subjects and is a current buzz word. I thought I would hi jack it and talk about how we can find Sustainable or indeed everlasting Happiness. It comes down to how we manage ourselves and the… Read more »

Monthly Accounts

I have often wonedered about the benefit of monthly accounts and i how long should they take to produce. As in most walks of life there is a trade off between the quick and dirty and the longer lasting and durable. For Decision making purposes what key indicators can be produced in a timely and… Read more »

Credit squeeze

How often we forget about some fundamental rules for good housekeeping, irrespective of whether there is a credit squeeze or not, to find out more

Working with the CEO

In these recessionary times it is more important than ever that the relationship with the CEO works. How do you see yourself working under pressure and how does the CEO react when you are stressed and vice versa, see my thoughts in more detail on