The Intelligent CFO

From number cruncher to standard bearer Introduction There are various ways in which people see the world, a lot depends on situations and circumstances. What this article attempts to do is to identify what makes up the conceptual framework of ‘intelligence’ and how can this be applied to the role of the CFO and assist… Read more »

The Psychological FD

We have all seen the usual recession strategies, managing cash, , working capital controls, strict adherence to rules and rigid authority limits, in short a battening down of hatches. In these sort of times , Accountants hold the balance of power and decision making in the business, long gone are the over optimistic sales forecasts… Read more »


Introduction SME s face real challenges due to their size, they operate further down the supply chain and are often dependant on larger businesses for support. If they are in a fortunate position where their unique capabilities cannot be replicated they can act as a monopoly supplier and maybe control their own destiny with a… Read more »

Time management

There are a lot of techniques out there that you an try, but fundamentally this is about personality and the type of person you are. Attitudes On a straight line between pure altruism and pure selfishness everyone is at some point on the continuum, this point will vary over time, depending on age, over circumstances,… Read more »

Time and Change

Resistance to change and time There is a pace to the type of change that is dependant on the situation, on the one hand change can be little and often , on the other it can be brutal and nasty, it all depends on what is controllable and what is not. Quite often uncontrollable change… Read more »