Excellent Finance

I was recently asked to lead a discussion with a finance team on the subject of ‘How to deliver excellent internal customer service ‘which, on the face of it was a great opportunity to extol the virtues of finance and how it can support its internal customers . That got me thinking (again) 1 Definition… Read more »

Accelerated Accounting

In a world where business is becoming faster, smarter and influenced by the latest algorithm, the foundations of accounting have been underpinned by better delivery of the basic concepts of double entry book keeping and an even faster journey from basic input through to ultimate user friendly information. In terms of speed we are in… Read more »

Plato’s numbers

Accounting is not a binary state and is not necessarily purely about numbers, it encompasses all human emotions from extreme happiness to despair purely and simply because of the idea that there are safe spaces in society where people conform to norms, adopt or adapt behaviours dependent on outcomes that can be measured or plainly… Read more »

Accounting and spreadsheets.

We have all seen spreadsheets which are overly complicated and reflect the inner workings of someone’s brain in finance and forecasting and when multiple people have access to the data and add their own calculations and formulae then it will not surprise us to know that spreadsheets can become error prone and in some cases… Read more »

Business proposals

These can take many shapes or forms, but there are some key features that produce winning outcomes There are three main areas which are common to proposals and they can be tailored to meet the intended audience create a need or identify an opportunity Provide the solution to fulfilling the need/leveraging the opportunity provide assurance… Read more »

The Language of Blockchain ( and anything else that requires hype!)

Blockchain is a word that has recently entered our language and if we gain our understanding from experience and language we relate new ideas to now familiar experiences so when the Internet came into our lives we embraced a further layer of technological language and understanding to rationalise our acceptance of these ideas. Blockchain has… Read more »

unbalanced accounting

Generally there is no one set of information that suits every business although accountants will tell you the importance of reconciling balance sheets to the Profit and loss account- this is called the inventory method of accounting. Businesses that don’t do this on a regular basis tend to have some nasty shocks at the annual… Read more »

Business as Usual

Business as Usual (BAU) Accounting If we see the trend with accountancy and the use of AI, the terms ‘Accountant,’ Book keeper’ or ‘bean counter’ are becoming extinct as AI takes on the drudge work and ERP systems turn every operator into ‘Administrator’ There are some unintended consequences to this. Firstly, operational personnel are now… Read more »

Autocrats and and datacrats

As we head deeper into the fourth Industrial revolution, those people who design, programme and implement the hardware .software and liveware dictate the speed and direction of progress. Reward structures are more lucrative for programmers and coders than many other traditional occupations and reinforce their worth to their specific employer and society at large. What… Read more »

Profit, Time and Style

There are lots of research papers that prove the theory that leadership style, employee morale and collaborative relationships improve productivity. So why are we still looking at behaviour of leaders who ‘micro manage’ , lead by fear and are focus on short term results. The answer lies in those last three words and accounts for… Read more »